The technological advancements between the first and second world wars caused them to be somewhat different from each other. In the first world war, trench warfare was especially widespread. In the second world war, it was barely used at all. The second world war popularized air and sea warfare and introduced the atomic bomb. Because of this technology, there were more casualties during World War II. However, World War II still used many of the weapons that had been popularized in the first world war, such as flamethrowers, poison gas, machine guns, and tanks.

external image trench1.jpg
This is an image of a trench in World War I. These trenches were hardly used in World War II, if used at all.

external image World-War-One-Weapons.jpgexternal image borgnine_sylph.jpg
These are two pictures of ships used in the two wars. The one on the left is an image of a ship in World War I, and the one on the right is an image of a ship in World War II. Notice the changes in design.